About Us

Wisoman Foods Inc., produces high quality innovative tortillas and wraps.  Our low-cost business model allows us to offer best in class products at an exceptional value to the end user. Our industry experts with CPG/Tortilla experience will help design a program that will work for your business.

With our NON-GMO Project verification and USDA Organic certifications, one or all of our three tiers of products are sure to be a fit for any Food Service, Industrial or Store Brand tortilla program and our cutting-edge innovation will keep your customer up to date with the latest industry trends.

Food Service & Wholesale

Our state-of-the-art tortilla manufacturing plant boasts full automation from mixing all the way through packaging. This automation ensures the best in food safety, consistency and quality.

Brands by Wisoman

All brands you see on our website are manufactured and distributed by Wisoman Foods. Give us your contact details for more information on food service, or special pricing for wholesale or bulk purchases.